Jamuna Future Park Planned For Dhaka

Many countries become known for certain landmark buildings or events that have either shaped their past, or are likely to shape their future. With a new innovative project underway for Bangladesh, it is hoped that the country will receive international recognition, and not only improve the economy of the city of Dhaka, but also be an attraction for tourists. After battling for six years to obtain permission from the development authorities of Dhaka, the Jamuna Future Park project has finally received clearance, and if everything goes according to plan, the public will be able to explore the magnificence of Jamuna Future Park by 2010.

Thirty-three acres of land have been secured in Dhaka for the Jamuna Future Park complex that will be easily accessible to the nearby universities, surrounding businesses and residents of the neighboring suburbs. Its prime location also places it near the airport and other important establishments. The shopping mall itself will only take up ten acres of the land, with the rest being set aside for projects that are set to follow the construction of the shopping mall, which will include a central mosque, hospital and a five star hotel.

The planned shopping mall will consist of nine different levels that will house a five thousand bay parking area, approximately four thousand different shops and stores and a massive food court area that can accommodate three thousand people. Showrooms, live entertainment halls, banks, exhibition halls and banquette halls are just a few of the special features to be found in the mall. Designers have also concentrated on children’s activities, health and family fun, including entertainment centers throughout the mall that include an amusement park for children, cinema theatres, rock climbing, health club, swimming pools and bowling alley.

Even though the average resident in Dhaka will probably not be able to afford to shop inside the Jamuna Future Park, nor will most shop owners be able to pay for space within the mall, the chairman of Jamuna Future Park, Nurul Islam Babul, hopes that by creating jobs during and after construction and by luring international businesses and tourists, that the complex will be able to generate positivity for the economy and in so doing, improve the lives of many in Bangladesh.