Savor the Splendor of Bhawal National Park

The Bhawal National Park is located approximately forty kilometers from Dhaka, and is one of the most tranquil and serene areas to be found in Bangladesh. Its magnificent wildlife and diverse plant species create a small piece of paradise away from the bustle of the cities. Fighting against illegal deforestation, the Forest Department of Bangladesh has been replanting the vegetation and trees to restore the forest and has managed to create a glorious national park that they can be proud of.

Most of the forest is blanketed in Shorea robusta (Sal) and covers an estimated area of six hundred square kilometers. Amongst the vegetation, visitors will be able to see three different palm species, forty-three trees species, approximately a hundred and four different herbs, twenty-seven types of grasses and an abundance of climber and shrub species. Together, they form a lush, green and magical world in which visitors can lose themselves.

Within this protected area lives a number of animal and bird species, such as lizards, monkeys, foxes, porcupines and small bears. Just recently the Forestry Department introduced new members to the Bhawal National Park family including python, peacocks and deer. Resident birds and migrating species fill the forests with song and color. Ornithologists, painters, photographers and other artists are often found in the park, being inspired by the wonder of the Bhawal National Park.

Visitors will also find picturesque picnic areas within the park and can enjoy activities such as boat rides on the lake and horse riding. The children’s park, watch tower and mini zoo will keep the younger visitors busy for hours, while parents can catch their breaths in the peacefulness of the forests. The Bhawal National Park was once home to spectacular wildlife such as black panthers, clouded leopards, tiger and elephants, but due to human interference, loss of habitat and poaching in previous years, these amazing animals have all but disappeared from area. The Forest Department of Bangladesh are working tirelessly to restore the park and to reintroduce wildlife to the area. It is still a breathtaking attraction to visit and an opportunity to be close to nature and find peace and tranquility away from the fast paced world. For visitors it is an insight into the wildlife and nature of Bangladesh, and for locals, a hide-away and place of reflection.