Discover the Beauty of Khagrachhari

Khagrachhari, also spelled Khagrachari, can be reached by road and most visitors on their way to this magnificent part of Bangladesh travel to Chittagong first, as it is the closest city to Khagrachhari. Dhaka is just over two hundred and sixty kilometers away, but the distances traveled to Khagrachhari will soon be forgotten once tourists begin to explore this spectacular hill town that is surrounded by forests, green vegetation and breathtaking views. It is not only one of the most beautiful locations in Bangladesh, but has its own fascinating sites and attractions to offer.

The town of Khagrachhari is often described as the single destination in Bangladesh where the country’s true beauty, wonderful wildlife and unforgettable nature can be observed. It has a friendly, peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, with the Chengi River flowing with life and adding to the splendor of Khagrachhari. Indeed, the town knows only how to appreciate nature and to rejuvenate tired souls, as it is far from the bustling cities and rejects modernization and the rushed lifestyle of the present day world.

One of the many attractions in Khagrachhari, is Alutilla. This massive cave nestled amongst the mysterious forests is a magnificent sight to behold. Torches, available at the top of the hill, allow visitors to view the stream that flows through the natural cave. The hill also provides visitors with an amazing view of Khagrachhari, and the lighthouse, Buddhist Temple and Watch Tower are also worth exploring. Other noteworthy sites include the Deeghi (water tank) of the (former) King of Tripura, Guimara Forest, Mogh Chief Rajbari (palace), Ramgarh Tea Garden, Sharthok Ejamno memorial monument and the Matai Pukhiri Lake. If in Khagrachhari during April, visitors will be able to partake in their New Year festival, known as the Biju Festival, which is accompanied by cultural ceremonies, dancing, music, song and sport.

Getting to know the traditions, culture and lifestyles of the local people is another wonderful feature of Khagrachhari, which is often described as exotic. And with such picturesque surroundings, peacefulness and natural beauty, it is easy to believe that one has been swept away from conventional Bangladesh and transported into a euphoric world.