Beauty of Boga Lake

A few years ago, the Bogakain Lake, or Boga Lake as it is most commonly known, could only be reached on foot. Today there is a road that runs near the lake, although most visitors still opt for the five hour hiking trail due to the beauty of the landscape. It is also a lake that is steeped in mystery and ancient tales, and is believed to be the home of a dragon. The beautiful forests and bamboo that embrace Boga Lake often let visitors forget that this is one of the highest mountain-surrounded lakes in Bangladesh.

Keorkaradong is the second highest mountain in Bangladesh and is a peak that stands at 3 172 feet. To get to this peak, hikers have to travel past the Boga Lake. The lake itself is at 1 216 feet above sea level. The lake is rectangular in size, and the nearby village depends on the lake for their daily water needs. There is a spring that continually feeds water into the lake, as well as rainwater. The water is generally so clear that visitors will be able to see the rock formations on the floor of the Boga Lake. At times, however, the water does change in color and geologists suspect the color change is due to a hot spring that could be located underneath the lake. The formation of the lake itself is open to debate, as no conclusive answers have been found or proven. Some believe the lake was formed during a meteor shower, others argue that it was a landslide that created it, while there is also the suggestion of it being a mud volcano that is inactive. Due to the acidity of the lake, there is no immediate vegetation on its banks and no fish in its waters either.

But visitors do not hike to Boga Lake for fishing, they come to the lake to marvel at its size, its magnificent views and to be able to enjoy a wonderful quiet moment of rest surrounded by natural beauty and wonder. The locals will also be willing to share their story of the forming of the lake, telling how a deity was killed and eaten by members of the Khumi village. The deity suddenly reappeared, but had come back in the shape of a dragon and the earthquake created by the deity caused the entire village to disappear into the hill that had caved in, forming the lake that is now Boga Lake.