The Importance of the Nature Study Society of Bangladesh

The Nature Study Society of Bangladesh, or ”NSSB”, was founded in 1996 and is an organization that is devoted to creating public awareness regarding the natural resources of the land. The BSSB also was created to educate people about why the conservation of nature as a whole is so important. The Nature Study Society of Bangladesh works together with other nature study groups across the country and the public in an effort to expose the beauty, the vulnerability and the wonder of nature.

As with most organizations, the NSSB was created with several objectives and goals in mind and they work towards these on a daily basis. The NSSB collects information, gathers knowledge and explores facts regarding the natural resources within Bangladesh and in nature. They then try to circulate their findings and conservation efforts to a broad audience. Eradicating pollution and the protection of the fauna and flora of Bangladesh, of which some species are threatened with extinction, is done by creating research projects and investigating the socio-economic impact on nature. Their findings are also shared globally to bring attention to conservation in Bangladesh to the international public. Building bonds and strong relationships with other conservation groups and nature clubs is essential, and the NSSB regularly coordinates training programs to increase the motivation of members. Monitoring these groups is also the responsibility of the Nature Study Society of Bangladesh, as it enables them to lend support and assist with development.

Through weekly meetings and monthly field trips, members of the public are able to observe the animals, plant life and magnificent bird species that all the organizations are fighting for. It also teaches the public how to make a difference by altering daily activities and instills the realization of why it is so important to conserve the environment in Bangladesh. The training programs are extremely fascinating and often cover topics such as Nature Photography, Field Work, Journalism and all the aspects of a Nature Study Group or club. Participating in the World Environmental Day Rally brings awareness to the public in a colorful, festive and informative way.

Clubs and societies, such as the Nature Study Society of Bangladesh, are vital to the survival of the nature in Bangladesh, as are the national parks. This is not only for the sake of the fauna and flora, but for the people of Bangladesh and for the future. Education on environmental problems such as water shortage does not only affect nature, but the survival of humans as well.