Bangladesh’s Cinema for the People

Though cinema in Bangladesh does not have the glamour of Hollywood or Cannes, it does have a fervent following in the country. Bangladeshis love their cinema and work of all genres is received with enthusiasm.

The national government recognizes the role of cinema in the development of society. That is why this year’s Dhaka Film Festival had the saying ‘Better film, Better audience, Better Society’. What better tribute can there be anywhere for the value of cinema for people at large?

Though the Bangladeshi and Bengali cinema industries are vibrant and popular, the people are not parochial in their choice of movies. The Dhaka Film Festival is as secular and global in its offerings, as is the participation of Bengali cinema in international events all over the globe.

The cinema appeal extends to all age groups in Bangladesh. A distinguishing feature is the attention the organizers of the Dhaka Film Festival pay to the needs of children. Screenings are held during the middle of the day, to suit the schedules of the young, and the Central Public Library Auditorium is set aside for children’s cinema during festival days.

Cinema is more than an entertainment medium in Bangladesh. It is common to see people in animated discussion after a viewing. Similarly, much of the cinema available in Bengali appeals to one’s thought processes as much as it does to the emotions and visual senses. The Dhaka Film Festival is normally held every January, which is also a relatively benign time in terms of climate, to visit Bangladesh.

Bachelor‘, ‘Shonkhonad‘ and ‘Duratta‘ are three of the top examples of superlative cinema which have emanated from Bangladesh in recent times. The country also has a significant segment of popular cinema producers.

The Rainbow Film Society has a lead role in arranging annual film festivals in Bangladesh. It is an eloquent tribute to the cinema traditions of all Bengal. Many countries join some top consumer brands in sponsoring this annual event of great cultural value.

Cinema has a great future in Bangladesh, and the medium is all set to carry forward the aesthetic refinement of the region in a contemporary format. The Dhaka Film Festival and Bangladeshi film screenings all over the world offer liberal and enjoyable ways for people from all backgrounds and cultures to come together for sublime recreation.