Adventure Travel in Bangladesh!

You can climb high mountains, negotiate frothing rivers, and wander through pristine flora, but it cannot be as enthralling as experiencing a new culture. Living in Spartan surroundings can be unnerving at first, but cravings for the comforts to which we are accustomed quickly give way to new senses of satisfaction. What can you do to enjoy adventure travel which will make you the cynosure of all eyes when you are back?

Spend Christmas in Bangladesh! Not in the glazed comfort of air-conditioned hotels and cars, but in the open amongst rice paddies and some of the warmest hearted people you will encounter anywhere. Your adventure will not be against the might of nature, but rather to help others live better in her gaze. Excitement will not reside in wondrous sights that greet your eyes, but in the lasting contribution that you can make with your hands.

Join the Volunteers for Peace in Bogra district of Bangladesh from the 15th to the 28th of December 2006. You will be part of a team that sets up a farm office, a nursery for young plants, and shelters for poultry and other farm animals. The project will take you to the simple but scenic village of Ujgram, and your memories will last for as long as the productive structures which you will help to construct.

You will live in a dormitory with just basic sanitation, and will have to put in about 5 hours of physical labor everyday. Your mite will make life somewhat better for the people of Ujgram, and the benefits for your character are immense!

Social work is always uplifting, and helps to develop a broad perspective. Exposure to an exotic culture without touristy veneer is a rare privilege, because it is truly enlightening to realize how others think and live.

The organization of this novel form of adventure travel is casual and friendly, so you do not have to feel as though you serve a jail sentence. There is plenty of time to enjoy the countryside, and to interact closely with people at large. You have opportunities to widen your circle of friends, and to make novel acquaintances that you will always treasure.

So make Christmas 2006 your best ever, and come to Ujgram in Bangladesh!