Why You Should Eat Food like a Bird in a Bangladeshi Home

Food unites Greater Bengal! You may divide Bengalis between the Eastern and Western parts of this region, and while the West is part of India, the Eastern bit is a country in its own right. However, this division did not exist before the 20th century, and is largely political in nature. A common culture binds the people together, and nowhere is this more evident than in the food Bengalis eat.

Bengalis are hospitable people regardless of the colors of their passports, and no one should commit the folly of passing up an invitation to a meal at the home of a person from Bangladesh or from West Bengal!

Bangladeshis are food preparation maestros. You will find them in charge of kitchens of restaurants which serve Indian food, even if from the North and other parts of the sub-continent. It must be a genetic thing, because when you try to make a dish using one of their recipes, the food simply does not taste the same!

Though the food is sure to be exceptional, I must warn you to eat as little as you can, toy with your food, and just hang on until the end of the meal is at hand. By the way, Bangladeshis take their food seriously, so keep your table manners of endless banter in your pocket!

Now, why should you sit and suffer in near silence with such incredible food on offer?

I can answer in a single word: dessert!

You can always find meat, sea food, vegetables, and cereals, which make up a Bangladeshi food, in other schools of cuisine, but where in the Universe can you find desserts to even come close to the manna of Bengal?

The best Bangladeshi desserts are made from the milk of some really special cows: milk from related herds such a buffaloes is just not the same for the taste buds. Bangladeshi desserts are deceptive, for they are served in rather tiny portions, though each bite carries a bag of calories fit to last all the way to the moon! Do not smirk at this exaggeration, for only a glucose meter can tell you what Bangladeshi desserts do to your pancreas! Anyway, you can always repent later, and just immerse yourself in a sea of dessert bliss!

Come to think of it, why not ask the host to start the meal with dessert?