Visiting Kushtia

The city of Kushtia, in the Kushtia District, cannot be described as an ancient town, but does have a rich and very colorful history. It is the birthplace of many legendary Bengalis and was the inspiration and home of many artistic figures. Today the city is known as Bangladesh’s largest tobacco producer, and has a variety of attractions and noteworthy sites for visitors to enjoy. Although Kushtia is not amongst the most popular or well known destinations in the country, it is most definitely worth the visit and many locals travel to Kushtia to pay tribute at the Lalon’s Shrine.

Kushtia was established as a river port during Emperor Shahjahan’s reign, and became an important transportation route for traders and indigo planters, allowing Kushtia to develop and grow in regard to industry and permanent residents. Industries such as the Jagneshwar Engineering Works and the Mohini Mills moved to Kushtia after the railway was laid in 1860, which connected the city with Kolkata. The district of Kushtia was not always independent, as it formed part of what is now known as West Bengal, during British reign. They gained independence with the establishment of the municipality in 1869. The city also became the focus of development after Bangladesh had gained independence, with the Islamic University being founded in the district in 1979.

Some of the famous names that are associated with Kushtia include Mosharraf Hossain, Lalon Fakir, Bagha Jatin and poet Rabindranath Tagore. Tagore is one of the country’s most celebrated poets and one of his homes, located in the district, has now been transformed into a museum and displays various aspects of the poet’s life and some of his work that was written while staying in the Kushtia district. Another memorable attraction is situated in Cheouria: the Lalon’s Shrine. Lalon Fakir is known as the founder of the faith Baoul, and many followers still come to the shrine to pay respect to him. Over and above the wonderful attractions and historical wonders of Kushtia, visitors will be amazed at the natural beauty of the district and the features that make this destination unique.