Tourism Revival by Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation

Bangladesh is a country that is diverse in its attractions, landscapes and activities. Cities and towns such as Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong and Dhaka are popular amongst travelers. Attractions, including Mainimati Ruins, Sompuri Vihara and Sundarbans National Park, reveal the history and magnificence of the country. But lately a few short falls in the tourism industry in Bangladesh have been noticed, and the Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation is hoping to address these issues and find solutions as fast as possible. Although many tourists visit the country, the industry does not have the ability to grow and to improve, which is the main concern for the Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation.

Firstly, the Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation would like to concentrate on expanding tourist destinations. They want to identify towns and cities that could be transformed into new places of interest, and then want to upgrade these destinations and promote them. Communication systems is other issue that they hope to rectify, as communication between tourist hotspots is not up to standard and the infrastructure at present is also not as strong as it should be.

Part of the communication and infrastructure shortfalls is the fact that some roads are either in terrible condition or non-existent, hampering travel and transportation. Accommodation also needs to be looked at. The government has recognized these problems and is giving the Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation their full support in trying to solve the problems and develop the tourism industry.

The Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation wants to introduce multidimensional tourism to Bangladesh, offering tourists a host of different attractions that combine natural wonder with religion, tradition and history. In doing so, they want to appoint professionals in the tourism field, such as tour operators, hospitality specialists and developers, to breathe new life into the industry. The privatization of hotels, swimming pools, bars and motels has already begun, as well as the writing of a new tourism act that will see the Bangladesh Parjatan Company being renamed as the Bangladesh Tourism Board. The deployment of tourist police is also being looked at to step up security. Soon, Bangladesh will be able to offer tourists a transformed destination that is safe, beautiful, diverse and able to see to the needs of every tourist who enters the country. It is hoped that the improvements and changes to the sector will not only lure more tourists but bring positive change to the economy.