The Shilpangan Gallery

Art lovers visiting Bangladesh will most certainly want to make a stop at the Shilpangan Gallery in Dhanmondi. This fantastic art gallery has already been open for more than fourteen years and it is renowned for its fantastic and varied displays of local talent.

The Shilpangan Gallery in Bangladesh is a master at showing fine art. Upon entering the building, it is as if there is an almost tangible atmosphere surrounding the art on display. The gallery certainly performs the function of creating a connection between the art and the artists and it invites the viewer to explore this connection. The Shilpangan Gallery has been instrumental in putting together some of the most powerful and moving displays of art in the last decade. Just recently, a display entitled ‘Appointment’ showcased some of the country’s most well-known and liked artists. Each of the artists brought to the display their own unique blend of medium, technique, subject matter and portrayal. Acrylic paint, chalk pastel, bronze and steel sculptures and water-colour artworks are just some of the mediums displayed at this show. Topics ranged from an exploration of nature and feminism to inner thoughts and emotions. Names such as Hamiduzzaman Khan, Alokesh Ghosh, Iffat Ara Dewan, Javed Jalil, Jamal Ahmed, Rokeya Sultana, Maksudul Ahsan, Rafi Haque, Anukul Chandra Majumdar and Gulshan Hossain, among others, are regular participants in these displays.

Every year it seems that the Shilpangan Gallery in Bangladesh outdoes itself. The group displays get bigger and bigger with more art, more artists and more interesting subject matter. Art may be abstract or true-to-life but it is always moving and full of diversity. According to Professor Farida Zaman, the chairperson of Dhaka University’s Department of Drawing and Painting in the Faculty of Fine Arts, “art is like a universal language. Whatever your language is, you can understand the language of art… you can reach everyone all over the world. Art can unify the world, which is full of diversity.” In explaining the universal appeal of art, Zaman has also explained the universal appeal of the Shilpangan Gallery. So step into a world of reality and unreality and visit the Shilpangan Gallery in Bangladesh.