The Amazing Music of Yaatri

The popular Bangladeshi two-man band, Yaatri, has had resounding success with their debut album, “Daak”, which quickly climbed to the number one spot on the music charts of Bangladesh. Their music has been described as “overwhelmingly fresh”, reflecting elements of everyday life that are easy for listeners to relate to.

Topu discovered that he had a talented for music and songwriting when he was in high school. Accompanying himself on his guitar, he would compose and sing songs about what he saw around him. He found himself inspired by elements of nature, such as the beautiful shades of color of the autumn leaves, or the migrating birds from foreign lands that spent the winter in Bangladesh. He also has an insightful grasp of human nature and relationships, which he expresses in his music. Meeting up with Emran at NSUSS (North South University Shangskritik Shongothon) was the beginning of a musical collaboration that they both continue to enjoy and benefit from.

With a common love for music and entertaining, the duo soon put together a single called “Ek Paye Nupur”, which was one of the songs included in the mixed album called “Shopnopchura”. Their next single, titled “Ekta Gopon Kotha”, was included in the follow up album “Shopnochura II”. This song proved to be a hit and one of the most popular songs on the album. It was also the song that prompted record company G Series to offer Yaatri (meaning “traveler”) a record deal. Eight months of hard work resulted in their debut album, “Daak”.

Daak consists of 10 compositions which have been described as “expressions coming straight from the heart”. Listeners agree that the uncomplicated, soulful melodies featuring acoustic and electronic sounds, along with meaningful lyrics, definitely touch the heart. The duo worked together with other musicians on the production of Daak, including James from Stentorian on guitar, Shams from Stentorian on bass guitar, Adil on guitar, Tony from Black on drums, Zubaer from Purbo Poshchim on flute and Selim on violin, with valuable input from renowned producer, Fuad Al Mukhtadir.

Emran reveals that the duo spent countless sleepless nights in their quest to come up with the right melodies and the perfect sound. Judging by the positive response to their album, it is clear that Yaatri has achieved its goal.