Srimongal – Tea Capital of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is known for its high quality tea that it exports to destinations around the world. Its main regions for tea production are Sylhet and Srimongal , with the Srimongal region considered the tea capital of Bangladesh. The two areas are approximately seventy kilometers way from each other and both are very popular tourist attractions. But there is more to Srimongal than just tea. It is a magical world of nature and forests with beauty beyond compare.

The first piece of breathtaking landscape that visitors will notice when coming to Srimongal, are the endless green hills smothered in tea gardens. The rolling plains of land lie quietly and seemingly untouched in all their splendor. The rubber garden and the lake of Srimongal instill peace and tranquility in the area that attracts visitors to this spectacular location. But the natural treasures do not end there. Visitors will also be able to visit the rejuvenating Madhobkhunda Waterfall and explore the fascinating stone quarry that is located at Jaflong. The Lawachara Forest is a majestic area that is perfect for bird watching enthusiasts. Various species of birds live in this dense green forest and visitors can look forward to seeing rare birds of Bangladesh, migratory birds and a few primates, such as the White-Browed Gibbon.

Opportunities to experience and discover tribal cultures and lifestyles are rare, and visitors are recommended to stop off at the Moniputi Tribal Village. The lifestyles and traditions of the Tripra and the Khashia can also be discovered here. Tea is only one of the many products that are cultivated in the Srimongal region. It is a region that is rich in fruits, such as oranges, lemons, pineapples and many others. Visitors to Srimongal are allowed to tour the Tea Factory and the Tea Research Institute and can walk amongst the workers in the tea plantation. You may be lucky enough to learn more about life as a tea plantation worker, their daily work routine and how they live.

Accommodation is available at the Tea Valley Resort and pricing is very reasonable. Many tour companies from nearby cities and towns such as Sylhet and Dhaka can arrange excursions and accommodation in the area. It is a wonderful and unique experience, and will create breathtaking memories that will be fondly treasured for years to come.