Rainbow Film Society – Highlighting Bangladeshi Film

The Rainbow Film Society has been operating in Bangladesh since 1977 and has remained dedicated to the world of Bangladeshi filmmaking. Most visitors who travel to Bangladesh do not realize that the country has an extremely vibrant and busy film industry. The focus on Bollywood has become so great that few stop to look at the talented directors, actors and producers that work within the Bangladeshi film industry.

One group of people has taken notice of the films being made in Bangladesh, the Rainbow Film Society. It started as a small group of enthusiasts with a passion for the film industry and grew to a large non-profit organization that tries to expose and advertise the films being made in Bangladesh to the international and local market. The organization has also been publishing a magazine named ‘Celluloid’, a popular publication that was founded in 1978. It reports objectively on film industry issues and many film related problems and achievements. As the group does not have the backing of the government or a list of permanent sponsors, they rely chiefly on donations from the public, supporters and members to release ‘Celluloid’ whenever funding is available.

The well-known Dhaka Film Festival was organized by the Rainbow Film Society for a number of years. The society has lately been involved in the organization of the Rainbow Film Festival held in the city of London. Residents of London do not have to travel to Bangladesh to get a taste of the outstanding film industry of Bangladesh; all they need to do is attend the annual Rainbow Film Festival. Bangladeshi residents in London also get the opportunity to touch base with a part of their home country. The festival screens films from all genres, giving screenwriters, producers and all that are involved international exposure.

In Bangladesh, the Rainbow Film Society has to overcome many obstacles in regard to screening films, hosting seminars and creating workshops. Premises and funding are always at the top of the list, and without the necessary support, the society faces battles daily. Fortunately, the society has never been deterred, no matter how difficult the struggle becomes. They remain devoted to embracing and educating the public and the film industry of Bangladesh about the latest technology, film genres and trends. They also aim to promote the positive aspects of film, such as creating emotions of compassion, love and care, but most of all, to tell a story that will reach the world.