Music for a Cause – Bangladesh

Music for a cause can work miracles for the soul! The magical effect of lyrics on our senses is incredible enough as it is, but to spend money on a DVD which helps the poor adds so much to the value of a purchase. It certainly beats listening to pirated music on an MP3 player, never mind how much of a fashion that has become!

Music by professional musicians is clearly a cut above what we may put together on our own, but the generational differences within a family can be a matter of noisy discord! Isn’t it amazing how we never fail to look down on the music on the music which seems to draw our children in to states of supreme bliss, conveniently forgetting how the same happened when we were young?

Some music is however, timeless. We may sorry for earlier generations who never lived to hear the best musicians of the post World War II era. The names of George Harrison and Bob Dylan inspire waves of admiration throughout the world, regardless of how old we may be. What does this have to do with Bangladesh you may ask? Well, go back to 1971 when this young nation was formed, and needed funds to look after its poor and the young. George Harrison arranged a music concert at New York’s famed Madison Square Gardens. Bob Dylan put in an appearance, and Ringo Starr and Eric Clapton added to the grace of the music extravaganza, which raised money for Bangladesh during its infancy.

Ravi Shankar, Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, Kamala Chakravarty, and Alla Rakah, are the Indian music legends who have performed at this concert, directed by Saul Swimmer. The music is simply enchanting, and the visuals of so many grand artists performing on a stage for a noble cause, is an experience to be savored over and over again. The English sub-titles help and add to the value of the DVD. This treasure can arrive at your door step, and you should lose no time to add the gem to your collection!