Hiking Mowdok Taung

The Mowdok Taung peak is believed to be the highest peak in Bangladesh. It is known to the Tripura Tribes of Bangladesh as Ska Hafong, which translates to “The Peak of the East”. It stands at a height of 1062.53 meters and over the years, travelling to the summit of mountain has become increasingly popular, not only due to the beauty of Mowdok Taung but because of all the attractions and noteworthy sites that hikers are able to view and explore along the way.

To get onto the trail to Mowdok Taung, hikers should make their way to Bandarban. There is a direct route to this town from Cox’s Bazar. Once in Bandarban, visitors can either make their way directly to Ruma Bazar, where the trail begins, or stay over in Bandarban, before taking on the trail. Once on the trail, hikers will find numerous small villages along the way, with the first being a Boam tribal village named Lairampi Para. From there the trail leads past the magnificent Narisha Falls, which then leads on to other Boam tribal villages of Bagalake Para, Darijiling Para, Thaikhuang Para, Prata Para, Baklai Para, Simlampu Para, Thandui Para, Salokia Para, Hajorai Para and finally Nefew Para, which is located at the base of Mowdok Taung. From Nefew Para, it is a mere two hours of trekking to reach the summit of Mowdok Taung. Along the way there is also a location called Passing Para, which is the focal point of all the nearby tribal villages. Natural attractions such as Chingri Jharna, Kewkradong Peak, Chombok Oi Falls, Forest of Newhew, Boga Lake, Newhew Falls, Capital Peak and the Baklai Falls will inspire and mesmerize hikers.

The trail leads back to Bandarban, which offers comfortable accommodation, as well as Ruma Bazar. For most hikers, the experience of staying over at Boga Lake is the ideal way to enjoy the quaintness of the tribal villages and the beauty of nature. Most of the locations also have local restaurants or eateries where hikers can sample some of the local cuisine.