Explore the Secluded Beauty of Inani Beach

Located around 32 kilometers to the south of the popular tourist destination of Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh, the beautiful Inani Beach attracts visitors who appreciate the wonders of nature. With a backdrop of lush green hills rising up on the east, and the sea stretching out endlessly to the west, Inani Beach is famous for its unusually shaped rock and coral boulders scattered plentifully across the beach and into the sea.

Inani Beach, widely considered to be the world’s longest beach, is fringed with tall palm trees swaying gently in the breeze and has a calm lagoon which is perfect for the little ones to paddle in. Sitting on the rock and coral boulders with the warm waves washing up on the shore around you, as they have done for millions of years, can be a very therapeutic experience. Seashells of all shapes, colors and sizes are found along Inani Beach, making beachcombing a popular activity. Fishermen make their livelihood in the waters off Inani Beach, unhindered by the crowds that flock to the more accessible and tourist-oriented beaches.

While Inani Beach is just as beautiful as the beach at Cox’s Bazar, it lacks some of the amenities that tourists may expect, and it is advisable to take a packed lunch with you when you visit there. However, those who have taken the time to explore Inani Beach will testify that its beauty far outweighs anything it may be lacking in amenities. In fact, many are of the opinion that the lack of hotels and fast food vendors add to the appeal of Inani Beach.

Many visitors to Cox’s Bazar take the time to travel along the seashore by jeep, enjoying a break from the city and taking in the sights such as Inani Beach and Himchori with its stunning waterfall, as well as Sonadia and Moheshkhali Island. When visiting Inani Beach, be sure to take your camera along to capture the awesome sight of the sun setting over the ocean, turning it into a melting pot of shades of gold and copper – a sight which is simply unforgettable.