Dulahazra Safari Park

Bangladesh is a diverse country that attracts thousands of visitors each year. Tourists flock to the country to experience its unique culture, meet its friendly locals and enjoy the magnificence of the country’s wildlife. Many reserves and conservation projects have been established in Bangladesh to protect its rare wildlife and bird populations, and one such breathtaking eco-tourism initiative is the Dulahazra Safari Park. Located approximately a hundred kilometers outside of the tourist hotspot of Cox’s Bazaar, the Dulahazra Safari Park is perfectly located for visitors to enjoy day trips out to this wonderful conservation area.

Between the years 1998 and 1999 the Dulahazra Safari Park project got underway, occupying only a small piece of land, which has now grown to over two thousand acres of protected land. The government began to play an active role in the development of the park in 2007, ensuring that illegally owned wildlife was seized and taken to the park, with many of the animals also being donated by their owners. This has allowed the park’s population to grow to nearly four thousand animals, providing visitors with 165 species to marvel at. The variety of animals that have been seized and donated is astounding, with the park taking in saltwater crocodiles, barking deer, black bears, spotted deer, emus, pythons, freshwater crocodiles, pheasants and peacocks. All the animals have been given large areas to roam freely, with lush forests and brush for their habitats. Some animals are kept at a distance from visitors for safety reasons. The Dhaka Zoo has also assisted in growing the number of wildlife in Dulahazra Safari Park through their breeding program, enabling visitors to view other wildlife such as lions, monkeys, parrots, giraffes, horses, tigers, lizards, elephants, zebras and frogs. Some of the elephants at the park are tame, and visitors are able to interact with them.

Visitors can be driven through the Dulahazra Safari Park by jeep to explore the extraordinary wildlife, and there is a specially constructed tower for tourists where they are able to look out over the park and view numerous animals. It is really the ideal attraction for a family outing, as it is also a research centre that focuses on conserving the environment as well as educating the public.