Citigroup’s Global Community Day in Bangladesh

Leading world-wide financial institution, Citigroup, observe one day each year in which their employees, along with family and friends, in over 100 countries unite as a global team for Global Community Day. Citibank (a branch of Citigroup) in Bangladesh are organizing a special day for the benefit of the mentally and physically impaired children under the care of the Bangladesh Protibondhi Foundation. This will take place as part of Global Community Day on 17 November 2007.

Volunteer teams will be working on numerous local projects to deal with specific needs in the community. The projects include literacy, environmental protection, housing, nutrition, healthcare and provisions for disaster relief. Citibank continues to be involved in extensive programs assisting the mentally and physically impaired children of Bangladesh to reach their full potential. These include interesting activities like painting, music, magic, games and competitions. Many dignitaries, important personalities and artists of Bangladesh will play an active role in the Global Community Day, along with a number of Citibank’s clients and community development partners.

A special tribute will be paid to the children who make up the Bangladesh Special Olympics team, for their various achievements in athletics, aquatics, badminton, bocce, football and table tennis. The Bangladesh Special Olympics team works along with the international nonprofit organization, Special Olympics, based in the United States. Their aim is to assist children with intellectual disabilities to become physically fit, productive and respected members of society by means of sports training and competition.

Established in May 1984, the Bangladesh Protibondhi Foundation (BPF) has been serving intellectually impaired and cerebral palsied children and adults with love and dedication. The foundation has special schools, medical centers, sheltered workshops and community based rehabilitation programs throughout the country to achieve their objective of helping these disadvantaged individuals become productive members of society. There are also programs whereby the parents of an intellectually disabled child are taught how to deal with the child’s problems in a way that is beneficial to the whole family.

Global Community Day serves to bring to the attention of the general public that, with the correct training, love and attention, intellectually and physically impaired individuals can reach their full potential and serve a worthwhile role in the communities of Bangladesh.