Bangladesh Tourism Launches New Brand

Bangladesh is a colorful country with a lot to offer, thus it seems only right that the country should launch a bright brand of tourism. With that in mind the government recently launched a new tourism brand called ‘Rupomoy Bangladesh’ (Beautiful Bangladesh) as part of its efforts to attract both tourists and foreign investors.

The new Bangladesh Brand was formally launched on Saturday at Sonargoan Hotel in Bangladesh. Chief Adviser Dr Fakhruddin Ahmed was on hand to deliver the launch speech and reveal the slogan. The event was attended by a number of important individuals, such as foreign ambassadors, defense officials, stake holders of the tourism industry, government and corporate officials and various personalities from the country’s art and culture scene. The country’s heads of Public Relations, Marketing and Communications were also present for the launch of the new Bangladesh brand, as was the Chairmain of the Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation. The glamorous event was broadcast live by BTV and Bangladesh Betar.

The Rupomoy Bangladesh branding logo features a rising sun over a blue sea and is quite applicable for the burgeoning country. The logo and theme were developed especially for the Bangladesh government by a special Country Branding Committee made up of certain prominent and experienced Bangladesh personalities. At the launch the need to have all aspects of the country’s economy – the tourism, government, corporate, business, art, culture, sports and media sectors – had a role to play in promoting the new slogan and logo and in promoting the country as a whole. The ultimate goal is to attract both national and international visitors to Bangladesh and to also make the possibility of investing in Bangladesh more appealing. It seems that most of the other countries in the world have already been presenting their national heritage to the world via branding, but this is something that Bangladesh has fallen short on for the past 37 years. Now it seems that is all about to change and the country hopes to break into the tourism industry in a big way as it has the potential to be a big source of revenue for Bangladesh.

According to Mahbub Jamil, the special assistant to the chief adviser for tourism ministry, “Branding nowadays is a key factor for broadening the image of the country.” With that in mind, it seems that Bangladesh has just taken the first important step in the branding process.