Bangladesh Newspapers: The Significance of the Blitz

We live in a world tortured by hate, suspicion, and mindless violence. This tragic state of affairs is needless, for a Bangladeshi shows us light at the end of the tunnel. Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is nominally the editor of the Blitz in Dhaka, but he towers way above the mortal confines of any ordinary journalist. His work may not have caught as much media attention as that of his peers in other countries, but that does not make it any less valuable!

Choudhury may have a Bangladeshi passport, but he is a world citizen in the truest sense of the world. He has worked tirelessly for peace, and though Bangladesh remains at odds with Israel, this pioneering editor of a weekly, has not feared to find gentle bonds even in Tel Aviv. Choudhury has displayed exemplary fortitude in the face of great oppression from the government of his home country, though his cause is entirely above board.

Salah has been relentlessly persecuted for lending his voice for the causes of secular harmony and international peace. He has been incarcerated and tortured for months, and now faces trial which could take his life.

Chowdhury is the editor of the weekly magazine ‘Blitz’. He has written and spoken in favor of moderation and tolerance, and his periodical has carried an interview with Professor Ada Aharoni, the celebrated Israeli peace activist and litterateur. The Blitz, by virtue of its independent stand, is a premier Bangladeshi publication.

You can also lend your weight to Salah Chowdhury’s noble mission. Subscribe to his magazine, which is also a brilliant window to contemporary life in Bangladesh, apart from being a forum for international peace. The periodical also has an Internet version, and is available to people all over the world.

Media is crucial to social and national development everywhere, but this is even more so in a country such as Bangladesh, which is new to freedom, and riddled with extremism and fundamentalism. The travails of development and a broad array of religious influence make the debate and forum of the Blitz invaluable. Get it today!