Bangladesh in the Cricket World Cup 2007

Bangladesh has proven that no-one should underestimate any team that enters the Cricket World Cup. Even though they were regarded as minnows in the 2007 Cricket World Cup, the Bangladesh team has taken the World Cup by storm, leaving India and South Africa reeling in shock. Defeating two of the world’s top cricket teams is an achievement to be proud of and has renewed the faith of many Bangladesh cricket supporters.

The Bangladesh team is desperately trying to curb their enthusiasm and excitement after their spectacular wins. Their confidence is growing even in the shadow of having to face the West Indies, England and Ireland, with England being their next big challenge. Getting too familiar with winning might cause overconfidence and the team wants to remain grounded and focused. With India falling out of the World Cup, the Indian supporters have now moved their attention to supporting the Bangladesh team which they hope will have more victories in store.

Fans have expressed their excitement and believe that Bangladesh is capable of making it to the finals. Many critics and cricket presenters are pleased with the recent turn of events as it highlights how underdogs can become crowd favorites. As the dark horse, Bangladesh has ensured that the 2007 Cricket World Cup is going to be filled with anticipation and surprise. Opposing teams have had their foundations shaken by this magnificent Bangladeshi team that has shown the world that they are determined and should be taken seriously as a world class caliber team in their national sport.

Not surprisingly, India’s poor performance in the World Cup has upset many fans who should now be celebrating the victories provided by Bangladesh as they have added excellence to the World Cup and yet one more exciting team to keep an eye on. Of course, India still a worthy team as Rahul Dravid proved his sportsmanship by presenting Tamim Iqbal with a bat for himself and Mushfigur Rahimy and by praising them on their teams’ performance. It is actions like these that make India a well-respected team around the world. A very surprised Tamim, opener for Bangladesh, was deeply moved and appreciative of the kindness and support that was shown to him by his rival.

No matter which team walks away victorious in the 2007 Cricket World Cup it remains a sport that is enjoyed by both spectators and players alike. Many hope that Bangladesh will be successful in the World Cup and continue performing well in their upcoming matches. One thing is certain though about the Bangladesh Cricket Team after their last few performances: They will not again be underestimated in the 2007 World Cup.