Bangladesh Football Federation Fundraising Concerts

The Bangladesh Football Federation has decided to raise funds for the development of the sport and the youth. Not sure where to start to organize the perfect fundraising program, the Bangladesh Football Federation turned to a company called Antar Showbiz, one of the best management companies in Bangladesh, to find a way to raise TK Two Crore for their project. The answer that Antar Showbiz came up with, is hosting a number of concerts throughout the country, with sixty percent of the profit being put into the development fund.

The vision that the Bangladesh Football Federation has for the program, is to extend the current under 18 training program that is already in place. They would like to develop new players from an under 12 division and older, training the players from a young age and giving them the opportunity to explore their talent and discover their capabilities early on. There are thirty players presently in the under 18 program and it is hoped that by raising funds, the Bangladesh Football Federation will be able to reach out to more players. Training young players will also be beneficial to the country, by establishing a group of sportsmen for the future.

Antar Showbiz hopes that their concerts will be a huge success in all sixty four districts, and the program for the concerts will see to it that audiences are entertained on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The first of the concerts will kick off in Chittagong, at the MA Aziz Stadium on Thursday the 27th of November 2008. This musical project will continue until the 14th of April 2009 and its anticipated success lies in the fact that many of the most popular and successful solo performers and bands in Bangladesh have confirmed that they will be performing, and it is almost certain that they will draw thousands of eager fans and concert enthusiasts to these events.

Kazi Salahuddin, president of the Bangladesh Football Federation, shared his hopes with the media, saying: “Our main purpose is youth development and to run the programme successfully we need money and we are trying heart and soul to find out the sources, in this respect we have some scheme to raise fund.” He went on to say, “Our main target to work with the boys of 12-18 to pick up talents for long term training program for making future stars and we want to lay a strong foundation from where we will get at least 200 quality booters each year.”