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Exploring Dublar Char

Bangladesh is a beautiful and unique country filled with color, culture and contrast. From bustling cities to peaceful rural villages, the locations spread across this small section of the globe are many and varied. Visitors may even choose to visit the country’s coastline or some location not far from the shores of Bangladesh.

One such location is Dublar Char. This beautiful little island can be found on the southern border of the Sundarbans. It looks onto the magnificent Bay of Bengal, providing visitors with some astounding views. What’s more, Dublar Char in Bangladesh is a virtual paradise. While it is home to several small communities, it has a distinctly different feel from other parts of the country. Visitors interested in traveling to Dublar Char will find it south-west from Katka and south-east of Nilkamal. It is usually best reached from the nearby island of Mongla (Khulna) by a variety of different boats, such as speedboats and cabin cruisers.

Some might think this remote location is somewhat obscure and rarely visited, but as many as 50 000 individuals stop here every year. Many of these visitors are local, but each year more and more foreigners seem to be added to the mix. One of the main reasons that so many people make the trip out to Dublar Char annually is because it is the best location to celebrate Rash Mela and holy bath. This Hindu festival is based on the meeting of Radha and Lord Krishna – a pairing which is celebrated by a three-day long annual festival. The tradition dates back more than 200 years and is incredibly exciting for both local and international visitors.

However, if you are unable to visit Dublar Char during Rash Mela, you may still find the island appealing in its own right. It is incredibly picturesque and the shoreline is filled with fishing boats and rustic dwellings. In fact, Dublar Char is also well-known for its role in the local fishing industry. Fresh and dry fish are regularly taken from Dublar Char to other parts of the country for sale. If you would like to give your trip to Bangladesh a truly unique edge, visit Dublar Char and enjoy this small piece of paradise.



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Koushik - 2009-12-15 10:30:33

Banagladesh is a very beautiful country. The main beauty of these country is its rivers & islands. Dublar Char is one of them. It is a beautiful island near Sundarban. Those who like travelling can go there. I think that everybody may like these.

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Abdus Salam - 2009-11-09 03:56:54

The navy on 24/11/2007 rescued 13 boys who had been tricked by middlemen and sold to fish traders of Dublarchar. Badly sunburnt and injured, the youths aged between 14 and 22 told of dreadful experiences on the remote island in the Bay as their "masters", rich fish traders, beat them mercilessly and compelled them to do hard risky jobs. They said they had to work for at least 16 hours a day. The "masters" seized their cash and other belongings after they had been taken to Dublarchar, said the boys after being taken to the upazila nirbahi officer's (UNO) office in Mongla. If they ever denied to work or carry out orders of their masters, even if because of illness, they were beaten up mercilessly and forced to stand in the water for the whole night, the boys said. The boys were rescued after on tip-off a person named Habibur Rahman from Narayanganj went to Dublarchar in search of his younger brother Mohammad Shamsul Haque, 20, who had been missing for around 45 days.Habib went to the island, traced his brother and rescued him along with others with the help of Bangladesh Navy. The boys are Mohammad Rafique, 16, of Bashanapur of Rangpur, Mohammad Mamun, 16, of Boubazar of Dhaka, Mohammad Iman, 15, and Mohammad Russell, 22, of Kachua upazila in Chandpur, Mohammad Amir Uddin, 17, of Dewanchar of Jakiganj upazila in Sylhet, Mohammad Faruk Hossain, 20, of Kamrangirchar in Dhaka, Mohammad Alamgir Hossain, 23, of Ramrakandi of Shibchar upazila in Madaripur, Mohammad Yusuf, 20, of Ishratpara of Hathazari upazila in Chittagong, Mohammad Nazrul Islam, 18, and Mohammad Ibrahim Miah, 18, of Muranagar of Comilla, Mohammad Shafiqul Islam, 18, of Sonargaon of Narayanganj, Mohammad Rafique Miah, 15, of Bastola of Dohora upazila in Sunamganj.

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Shahidul Alam Nipu - 2009-10-06 08:18:50

Dublar char, here fisherman do dry their fish that they collect from deep sea. Here have sweet water so, Animals come to here for drink water that you can see if you stay there. Royal bangle Tiger you can see also, We stayed there around 5 months for build cyclon shelter So I enjoy it closely and it's Unbelievable. You can see the Sun rise.

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