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Experience Bangladesh as a Volunteer

Few trips to a foreign country can be as worthwhile as when you spend time as a volunteer. Sure, you can travel to Bangladesh and visit the sites and experience the culture and cram as much as you can into a brief one or two week visit. Or you can volunteer at any number of locations, performing any number of jobs and stay anywhere from four to 12 weeks and really get to know what the country and its people are all about.

A variety of volunteer outreach organizations perform more than 1000 service projects annually, performing jobs that range from environmental; construction; renovation; archaeology; agriculture; working with children or youth; social work; working with people with special needs; arts and culture; festival work; and teaching.

For the volunteer with little or no experience, teaching English may be the most rewarding route to take. Generally, volunteers are placed in local schools to teach conversational English and reading classes to children living in inner cities and also in rural areas. The goal of most volunteer organizations is to ensure that the children of Bangladesh are able to advance their practical written and verbal English skills. In Bangladesh, like in many other countries in the world, English is becoming an essential skill when it comes to job placement, educational advancement, and future success. You do not need formal teaching qualifications to volunteer. What you do need is a good command of written and spoken English, plus a lot of enthusiasm and patience.

Why do an international volunteer project? To experience different cultures, ideas and beliefs and also share your own; to work alongside local people in local communities, thus gaining a real insight into their country, cultures and traditions; to learn new skills and broaden your horizons; to meet new people and explore new places; to be part of a global movement working towards equality and peace between all people; to make a difference even when you only have a short amount of time to spare.

Make your next vacation to Bangladesh one that you'll remember long after you've returned home. Volunteer in Bangladesh and give something back to a country that does so much to enrich the lives of visitors and travelers abroad.



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Mohammed - 2010-09-15 00:23:54

Hi, I just moved to Bangladesh for a year or so. I am looking to do some volunteer work during the afternoon time 5 days a week. Preferable working with young children. Any thoughts?

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J. R - 2010-08-26 01:58:54

hi i am interested in this how do apply
Hi, I am interested in that "sylhet or soriot pur for orphanage home". Where do I get rest of the information? Thank you

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Askir Ali - 2010-08-09 13:51:28

Anybody or group of student want to do voluntary work in Bangladesh specially sylhet or soriot pur for orphanage home, street children night school, sex worker rihabilation centre or primary, secondary girls schoo i will help them and arrange them everything. At the moment Sylhet Sahjalal university's 200 girsl.s 50 boys student and Soriot pur district 100 primary school local college student are volunteering and i am providing all the travel cost from the London. If anyone from Uk want to do voluntary work for work experence or other reason they are wellcome i will help them.
hi i am interested in this how do apply

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