From Art to Life: Bangladesh Galleries

Art Galleries have become preserves of the rich, but Art cannot honor such boundaries. Art also defines communities, and remain as symbols of people long after their live presence has been extinguished. Many chimeras of the mind which impose imagined divisions between people melt in to insignificance when Art is used as an eclectic bridge. Paris and Chittagong may be continents apart, but the quaint Bangladesh city has a delicious slice of France in its Panchlaish quarter.

The Alliance Francaise inspires loving respect around the globe. This liberal institution brings the best of France in to every land where it has a presence. The Alliance is not a one-way street, and artists in Chittagong have as many opportunities to show their work at this beacon of French culture on Fazlul Kader road, as do leading lights of the country represented.

Though the Alliance Francaise has impressive records in teaching their mother tongue to Chittagong students, its achievements in exposing art forms of both countries, is no less significant. The institution has not remained closeted in the physical confines of its building, but has made active links with schools and the Local University.

The Alliance Francaise in Chittagong is an appealing alternative for people who wish to enjoy both local and European Art, and welcomes people of both sexes, all ages, and different backgrounds. Many, who would never get to glittering exhibitions and to viewings for select gatherings, can enjoy varied expressions through the courtesy and organization of the Alliance Francaise in Chittagong.

The Alliance Francaise helps young people in Chittagong find places in institutions of higher learning in France. Association with this generous help from the people of France also helps Bangladeshis who wish to visit and to work in other countries which use French. It is an aesthetic bridge between Chittagong and all of France in every sense! The Alliance Francaise has been in the city even before Bangladesh was born as a sovereign nation, and it can be really proud of the contributions it has made to the people of Chittagong over the past four decades.