Dharmarajika Buddhist Monastery

The city of Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh, filled with history, tradition and culture. It has endless numbers of activities, attractions, accommodation and business opportunities, and is often visited by international travelers. The architecture throughout the city is a blend on both ancient styles and more modernized construction trends. While the city grows and develops, establishments such as the Dharmarajika Buddhist Monastery reach out to the underprivileged community members who are left behind in the aftermath of progress.

Buddhism has been thriving in Bangladesh from even before the twelfth century, and has survived the centuries to remain one of the religions of the country. The Dharmarajika Buddhist Monastery was constructed in 1962, and has been serving the community ever since. Even though it has become one of the popular attractions in Dhaka, the monastery is fully operational as a place of worship, welfare project leader, orphanage, health clinic and school. Through these functions, the monastery plays a vital role in the lives of many Bangladeshis.

As a place of worship, the monastery teaches its devotees the age old principals of peace, wisdom, living in harmony with one another, compassion and goodwill. Through their welfare projects, they assist community members during disasters and problems they may be facing. To enrich the lives of the youth and to aid those that have nowhere to go, the Dharmarajika Buddhist Monastery opened an orphanage and school in 1972 and have helped thousands of children to realize their dreams of becoming valuable members of society, by becoming engineers, teachers and doctors.

The Dharmarajika Buddhist Monastery consists of a prayer dormitory, the main Shrine, the Nikko Niwano Clinic and the Dharmarajik Lalitakala Academy. Inside the main monastery, visitors will be able to view the black stone Buddha that is over a thousand years in age, relics, statues from across the world and a magnificent bronze statue, to name a few of the items found in the monastery that are of historical and religious value. A visit to the Dharmarajika Buddhist Monastery is most definitely worth it, as it incorporates architectural wonder, historical artifacts and religious significance, along with true caring and compassion for the community.