Truly Experience Bangladesh with a Backpack

Many people will tell you that one of the best ways to get around and really see a country is to go backpacking. Armed with provisions to fill all your most basic needs, backpacking gives you the opportunity to really take your time and discover the heart of a country. Backpacking in Bangladesh is certainly no different.

When compared to some other Asian countries, Bangladesh may not seem to have that many attractions. However, what really is the attraction here are not artifacts and ruins – it is the country and its people. During much of the year the countryside is beautifully green. Quaint little villages give you a taste of peaceful village life, while riverside towns will show you how people were meant to live life. Here the nearest city is a boat journey away. People are smiling and friendly and the pace of life is slower and more enjoyable. But that does not mean there is nothing to do! Everywhere people busy themselves with their daily work while children run the streets playing. The Bangladeshi people are genuinely friendly and their warm smiles are truly inviting. What’s more, they are very hospitable and finding a place to stay while you are backpacking in Bangladesh is not very difficult. Indeed, it seems that the people of this country will often go out of their way to either give you accommodation at their own homes or point you in the direction of somewhere you might stay. Most of them speak at least a few words of English and this often helps quite a bit with attempts at communication. Though it will most likely not be expected you may offer to either pay the family for their hospitality or you can go the market and buy them some things to show your appreciation for what they have done for you. Bangladeshis are a poor people and while people will often willingly share what little they have, it is nice to return the favor in some way if you can.

Travel in Bangladesh can be slow. Busses, trains, taxis, cars and bicycles may all make up a part of your Bangladeshi backpacking adventure. Don’t let the idea of spending a few hours in a packed public bus put you off – it is really part of the adventure! What’s more, it gives you time to really savor the surrounding scenery and you may strike up new friendships while you travel. So go backpacking in Bangladesh, and discover a whole new side to this beautiful country.