World’s Largest Mangrove Forest : Sundarban

Sundarban is well known & famous for its Royal Bengal Tiger, but most of the people forget or don't even know that it's the world's largest mangrove forest, and not only that, the world's climate condition & its balance depends a lot upon this nature made mangrove forest. The lives over here, be it the wildlife or the human establishment, have been at continous threat, be it "Laila" the cyclone originated from Bay Of Bengal or the Tsunami. When I reached the forest, it was the full moon on 19th March 2011 commonly called as "the Supermoon" by the local people, and the water level almost washed the river banks (had risen about one & half feet more than usual). Although the necessary measures are being taken to preserve this largest nature made mangrove forest by "WWF" & other organisations, but general awarness & understanding & a true love in nature are mostly required.