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Working in Alberta Alberta's stable economy and innovative business spirit make it an ideal place to work, whether you're coming to work temporarily or seeking to immigrate permanently. This section of the website contains information on how to research job opportunities in your occupation in Alberta, as well as tips for job seekers and important details about workplace rights and responsibilities, employment standards and work-related resources. What you need to know about working in Alberta, Canada Working in your occupation: Before you can start working in your profession or trade, you'll need to find out if it is regulated or unregulated in Alberta. Use this section to find out what that means, whether it applies to your occupation and what employment options you have as a newcomer to Alberta. Education, training and experience: This section contains information on how to find out if your training and experience in your occupation will be recognized in Alberta, as well as resources that help you improve or make the most of your qualifications. Searching for a job: This section includes the Working in Alberta tool, which you can use to research occupations and employment opportunities all over the province. You will also find tips for researching career options, creating an effective resumé and preparing for a job interview. Temporary foreign workers: Find out what you need to know about getting a permit to work temporarily in Alberta, your rights and responsibilities, and where you can go for help as a temporary foreign worker. Self-employment: Information for contractors, consultants and business owners. International Youth Exchange programs: Learn about opportunities to live, work and travel in Canada temporarily through programs administered by the Government of Canada. International students: What you need to know to study in Alberta. The workplace: Your place of employment in Alberta might be different than what you're used to at home. Use this section to learn about employment standards, worker compensation, health and safety, employment insurance and more. If you need legal advice, please contact : A. F. M. Muhith Monowar Ripon Mobile: 8801719349256 Email: