when you stand in place for too long

At Durga Puja in Old Dhaka, waiting to find a ride at the end of the night - and this is what happens when you stand in one place for too long. This past week was Durga Puja, and a few of us went and checked out the festivities at various times over the weekend. On Saturday night, we were waiting for a ride from Old Dhaka after the celebrations, talking with one gentleman who had been walking with us and acting a pseudo-guide for a while. We were standing in a small circle chatting when we noticed a person or two come up behind us. Five minutes later, this is what the area immediately surrounding our circle looked like. It felt a bit funny making a video, but it was just too silly and absurd not to document. I guess we stuck out a little? Song is "Tighten Up" by The Black Keys, © 2010 WMG, no copyright infringement intended.