Uttor Baddha Bazaar

With the changing of time and the increasing population more markets are required in Dhaka city. The Uttor part of Dhaka, unlike Gulsan and Banani has not yet developed the necessary infrastructure to create a modern market culture and life style. However, there is an old market that still maintains the old market traditions in the area. The Uttor Badda is small but its location on the roadside at the conjunction of busy roads makes this old market one of the busiest in the metropolitan area. Uttor Badda Bazaar plays a vital role in meeting the daily household needs of the local community, particularly the provision of vegetables, meat, fish and fruits required on a daily basis. In this market, particularly in the vegetable market child shopkeepers are prominent, although child labor is prohibited in the country. There are about 200 shops in the central market place and many shops on the roadside, where restaurants, pharmacies, sweetshops, bookshops, fruits shops and tea-stall are found in profusion. The shops add colour to the market through their decorations and advertising material.