TSC, Dhaka University

Dhaka University is the biggest and oldest University of Bangladesh. It was established in 1921and was called the 'Oxford of the East' because it was established on a collegiate model. It covers a large area of Dhaka City and hosts a large number of important institutes. There are also a number of important monuments and statues located in the university grounds, which are linked to Bengali tradition, culture, and history as well as the democratic movements of the nation. TSC is one of the most famous cultural places of Dhaka. It was established on 1966 in the Pakistani era. The main building houses different recreational and cultural facilities. The Center includes a cafeteria, an auditorium, the library, a reading room, art and music rooms for clubs and a stage as well as a swimming pool, provision store, bookshop and bank. Just outside is "DUCH", the central café of the university, at the rear of the Shuparjito Shadinota (earned freedom) statue. TSC is famous for arranging important conferences and symposia, discussions, processions, study circles and contemporary socio-cultural and political events. Moreover, the clubs and student organizations associated with the TSC regularly organize cultural shows, rehearsals, training programs, recreational events, seminars, symposia and fare-wells on a regular basis. It is a meeting place of alternative think tanks, teacher-student interaction as well as activists and practitioners. The TSC is a the heart of contemporary Dhaka cultural activity Since its inception TSC has played a vital role in the socio-cultural development of Bangladesh as well as the movement for democracy in Bangladesh. Moreover, it is famous for adda (gossiping), or more properly informal meetings among intellectuals for dialogue on contemporary local and global issues, emphasising democracy and human rights.