Toidu Jhorna-2 (তৈদু ঝরনা -২)

Saturday, 14 July 2012 This is the first step(upper one) of the two waterfalls from Toiduchhori. This is known as Toidu Jhorna -2. Local people know this waterfall as Kasing Jhorna(কাসিং ঝরনা)(my guide told me). This waterfall is just 30 minutes of uphill walking distance from the first one. Both the falls are located at Dighinala of Khagrachhori(দীঘিনালা, খাগড়াছড়ি). Tags: Toiduchori falls, toiduchhori waterfall, toiduchhori jhorna(তৈদু ছড়ি ঝরনা), toiduchhora jhorna(তৈদুছড়া ঝরনা), toidu-1 jhorna, khagrachhori, dighinala, bangladesh. kasing jhorna(কাসিং ঝরনা), kasing falls,