The School of Life (Beautiful Bangladesh)

This amazing video was shown during the opening ceremony of World Cup Cricket 2011. This video shows the beauty of Bangladesh. Bangladesh, perhaps the most beautiful country of this world, is not just a place that you visit and the memory remains in the dusty recesses of your mind rather it is a place that teaches you life. Life is about endless learning. Bangladesh is The School of Life. That makes you to know yourself. That reveals the potentials and secrets hidden inside you but that you are unaware of. This School of Life changes the way you live your life. The life you never even thought about. The Cox's Bazar, worlds longest sea beach, is your School of Spirit. The Sundarbans, worlds largest mangrove forest and the home of Royal Bengal Tigers, is your School of Bravery. The beautiful Tea Gardens of Sylhet, is your School of Talent. Paharpur, Rajshahi, hundreds of years old Buddhist monastery is your School of History. Bandarbans, home of the three highest peaks of Bangladesh, is your School of Adventure. Shahid Minar, a monument to the martyrs of the Language Movement of 1952, is your School of Art. Tungi Para, the home and the resting ground of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, is your School of Freedom. Here Every Street is a School of Playfulness, Every Home is a School of togetherness and The People are your School of Hope and Love. You'll learn the true meaning of warmth Here. Here life happens. WELCOME to the SCHOOL of LIFE. WELCOME to BEAUTIFUL BANGLADESH.