Thatari Bazaar

Thatari Bazaar is situated beside Gulistan in Old Dhaka. This is the oldest market of Dhaka City. This bazaar was established about 150 years ago. The Kashari (maker of metallic pots and pitchers) used to live and work in this market When they are being made the metallic pots and pitchers make a high pitched sound (thas thas) which is why this bazaar is named Thatari Bazaar. In the past mostly Hindus resided at Thatari but this has changed since 1971. However, B.C.C Road is named after Baba Choron Chakraborti a famous saint and writer who originally lived in the area. There are about 2000 shops in Thatari Bazaar. Rice, dal, vegetables, fish, meat and other daily needs are available in this market. There are no longer many metallic (kasha, tama, pitol) shops in the market, like before, although a few shops have followed this tradition. Beside the grocery, stationery and sweet shops, there are also hotels available here. Shops owners are organized into a Bazaar Shomitee that governs the conduct of this market. Thatari Bazaar is open from 8:00am until 9:00pm.