Tati Bazaar 2

Tati Bazaar is the famous traditional gold market of Old Dhaka. The bazaar came into existence during the British period. Tati Bazaar is famous as a gold and silver market, and is one of the biggest gold markets in Bangladesh. Jewelry is the main activity of this market but all aspects of gold are dealt with as well. There are 1200 jewelers working in Tati and there are almost 3000 ornament making factories. Beside ornament shops there are some groceries, stationery shops and pharmacies as well. Tati Bazaar is in Hindu dominated area but there are two religious centres. The Mandir (Hindu Temple) and one Mosque. Sri Shiddheshor Bashudeb Temple was established in the British period but was destroyed during the Independence War in 1971 by the Pakistani Army. This historical temple was rebuilt in 1972. This market starts everyday at 9:00 am and closes at 7:00 pm. Friday is the weekly holiday of Tati Bazaar.