SYLHET TOUR: Xploring beauty queen SYLHET by Xplore Bangadesh: 1st part

This is a regular tour by Xplore Bangladesh Ltd., the fastest growing travel & tourism company of Bangladesh. The special part of tour is that, Xplorers of Chittagong were very significant portion in numbers but Xplorers from Dhaka also had their participation..... it was started at 09:00 pm on 07 June, 2012 simultaneously from Chittagong and Dhaka, a phenomenon which is marked for its novelty to the Xplorers. For the chittagong xplorers, nothing assume problem when railway informed sell out of their tickets, then Xplore Bangladesh ltd. managed a whole coach....... The night on the way to Sylhet was nothing like any other night. They utilize full advantage of supreme control over the coach attached with banner of Xplore Bangladesh. It was pandemonium of joy, cheers and full of digging out one's child. All went frenzy. Everyone competed to be younger and childlike than the youngest children who came with parents. Oh, those were crazy periods ! However nothing could stop or tire them throughout the tour to relish the joy and elegance of being with nature. Madhabpur lake touches their heart. There were few game shows for the 'old boys', who unlike other time forgot their age and dedicated full heartedly to play and 'must win' oath became their unavoidable attraction at that moment. The yellow colored t-shirts of the Xplorers painted the place yellowish and made a sizzling environment to cheer... Let enjoy... Other parts are on cards... Find us: Web: Facebook: Twitter: