Sylhet, Bangladesh Travel Story Bangladesh is a South Asian developing country. Though it has a lot of problems like many other countries, it is blessed with a lot of places of attractions. Bangladeshi food are like Indian food but it is little less spicy. People are hospitable, though they are poor as compared to many other countries. Cox's Bazar is the most visited place in Bangladesh. St. Martin island is the only natural coral island of the country that attracts a huge number of tourists. Sundarban is the largest mangrove forest that is a habitat of popular Royal Bengal Tigers. The best time to visit Bangladesh is winter and spring. Tourism in Bangladesh is on the increase. More and more hotels in Bangladesh are being established. Explore, Discover. Please subscribe and leave a comment. Sylhet is a fascinating region for tourist. It is one of the world's leading tea producing places. Tea gardens of Sylhet are awesome places. Please visit the site and like our facebook page