The area is a part of Dhanmondi close to the Mirpur Road. It is the business area and includes a number of shopping malls and centers but there is only one proper market close to Shubhanbag mosque. However, over the last few decades the areas has been quickly urbanized by developers. Now there are a number of big shopping malls and the footpath is filled up with a huge number of parked cars. From Russell Square to Rapa Plaza there are restaurants, shopping malls, fashion houses, video making markets, book and photo copying stores. Metro Shopping Mall, Plaza AR, Prince Plaza, Orchid Plaza and Rapa Plaza are famous shopping malls in Shubhanbag. There are also famous restaurants located here, such as Chillis and Tahari Goar. The main clients of the market are the elite class of Dhanmondi. Each shopping mall has a number of fast food outlets and coffee shops where the young boys and girls can meet and chat. The main products on sale in the malls are fashion products, global branded clothes, cosmetics, jewelry, mobiles and electronics. As the shops are well decorated the price is comparatively high and the lower middle class prefer not to shop in the malls of Shubhanbag.