Shishu Mela

In 1994 the children's recreational park named Shishumela (Children's Park) was established opposite the ASHA Tower in Shamoli. This park opens every day at 11:00 AM and closes at 10:00 PM. Entry fee to the park Tk.20 per head. There are many funny and exciting rides available for children here. . Huge numbers of children come from Mohammedpur, Shamoli, Kalanpur and Agargoan to play at the park. There is a 3D cinema hall, a tunnel rail, a magic show and a learning center. Moreover, there is CD-VCD cassettes shops, a food corner, toys and fashion items shops selling goods inside the park. Every Friday and Saturday and all government holidays this park attracts huge numbers of parents and their children, particularly lower middle class and marginalized children and their parents, who don't have the option to visit the modern Children Park because it is expensive. In a city of bricks, this is a really a good place for refreshment and peace.