Shangshad Bahaban Entertainment Market

Jatiyo Shangshad Bhaban is the National Assembly Building of Bangladesh. It is the political centre of the country. Construction of this distinctive building which was designed by Louis Cahn, started in 1961 and finished in 1982. This building was first used in 15th February 1982. Before this the Prime Minister's present office was used as the Shangshad Bhaban. Shangshad Bhaban is built in 200 acres of attractive gardens. Everyday many visitors come here to see and enjoy the natural scenery of the area. The area has also become a recreation park as well. In the morning many health conscious people come for their morning walk and in the evening huge numbers of boys and girls visit the park. To cater for these people an unofficial street market has become established. Many chapati and fuchka shops are found in this area. Beside these there are stall selling toys, fashion items, cigarettes, tea and coffee. At one time a Pilipino Jeepni was used as a mobile restaurant but during the caretaker government's time ( 2007-2008) the Jeepni mobile restaurant was evicted. Crescent Lake and Zia Uddan are situated to the rear of Shangshad Bhaban. Floating shops and hawkers are found all around this building. All street shops operate everyday of the week. On weekly holidays and during government holidays this street market becomes crowded with customers.