Shamoli Bazaar

The Shamoli General Market is very new and has grown dramatically since it was established three years ago on the east side of Shamoli Club Field. Three years before it was built the local people were dependent on the street markets to buy vegetable, fish and meat. There is also a modern BDR shop in the general market, which is now run by a local businessman. This market fulfills the daily needs of the huge number local people. The street market remains but does n't have the same attraction for shoppers. Immediately adjacent to the market is a cinema that has been closed, which in turn affects the hawkers floating shops in the street market. The street market close to the former cinema hall sells a wide range of fruit. The shopping center itself has Bangla food restaurants, stationery shops, a vocational training center, fashion product outlets, a mobile phone and electronics service center. The general market is similar to any other community-based market in Dhaka. As Shamoli is situated in the western periphery of Dhaka it is not developing as quickly as new Dhaka. However, there are huge number low income, marginalized and working class people in the area as well as slum dwellers who are mostly environmental refugees. To these classes of people, Shamoli General Market and the street market are important as they sell a range of products at very reasonable prices. There is no holiday for the market but on Fridays they attract less people. Before and after office hours is the busiest time for Shamoli as the main road links Dhaka with North Bengal and is thus always busy.