Shahbag – Chobir Hat, Flower Market and Shishu Park

In the Mughal period the name of Shahbag was Bag-E-Shahenshah, which was hard to pronounce so in the British period the name was changed to Shahbag for easier recall. This area is famous for many important institutions located there. Bangabondhu Medical College Hospital, BIRDEM, National Museum, Dhaka University, Fine Arts Faculty, the biggest flower market of Dhaka, Shishu Park and Ramna Park, and the Public Library are all located in Shahbag. The road side of Shahbag has many flower shops. Marriage ceremonies, birthdays, different occasions and on every special day huge numbers of customers are attracted to these flower stalls. As the biggest flower market of Dhaka City you can find many local and foreign species of flowers available. Along with flower selling, the shops provide other services such as car decoration, stage decoration with flowers and everyday many bridal cars come to be decorated with flowers. Fine Arts Faculty of Dhaka University is situated here. Promising young artists study in this institute to improve their skills and develop professionalism. Zainul Gallery is an in-house gallery of the Fine Arts Faculty, which regularly exhibits art with an emphasis on the work of the students. Chobr Hat, is a part of the institute just opposite of the main building, where a replica of the Aparajoy Bangla statue is located. The photograph shows an impromptu open-air market where artists exhibit and sell their artwork, which is on display for customers to admire and buy. The Friday market is an open-air market, or rather open air exhibition. Shishu Park is another popular place of Shahbag. Sunday is the holiday of this park but most days a lot of people come here with their children. As Friday is a holiday, the highest number of visitors comes here on this day because it is the best place for children's recreation in Dhaka. There are many kinds of rides available here. Some 'fast food' shops are also found in Shishu Park. The entry fee of Shishu Park is eight Taka per person. As a huge number of children come here every day there are many mobile toyshops in the park, and a Bangla food stall sits in front of Shishu Park.