Sajek Valley: A Remote Hilly Village of Rangamati, Bangladesh. Part 01

Sajek, a remote hilly place of Bangladesh is situated in Rangamati district. But if anyone wants to go there, he must go in Khagrachori. Sajek is famous for its orange. You must be astonished to see the greenish beauty of hills. From khagrachori, you have to familiar with trival people with bangali. But from Dighinala, a thana of khagrachori, you can start to get hilly life. You can start your journey by Chander Gari which used in World War 2. A narrow road through mountain hill is driven by a young driver gives you extra experience of "Thrilling Lifestyle". In station of Bagaihat you enter in Rangamati & from here you can only see some tribal hut in your eyesight. All the huts are made by bamboo and bush. You can feel the simplicity of life of the tribal by seeing their houses. In middle of your adventure you just stop in Machalong Bazar where tribes (female) are selling many types of fruits & so on. After Machalong, the road enters in Kachalong reserve forest which was well known place for safe area of Shanti Bahini. In road your jeep is paused in the need of checking by Army personnel. This area is all about big and small trees with plenty of greenery. Tribal people say that before "Peace Treaty", no one came here afraid of Shanti Bahini. So there grew up huge number of long trees. But after treaty, People start business here with great enthusiasm. So there is no long tree. They indiscriminately cut down all the trees. After sometimes your jeep touch Sajek researve forest from where you can see the village of Mijoram, a province of India.