Sadarghat stands on the bank of Buriganga River and is the busiest river port in Bangladesh. From here the steamers and river vehicles traverse the country, linking Dhaka with Barisal, Vula, Shariatpur, Khulna, Patuakhali and the southern coastal districts of Bangladesh. M.V. Rostom, Karnophuli, Shundorbon, Coco, Kritonkhula, Shunartori are famous steamers operating from Dhaka's major port. It is an incredibly busy and crowded area of Old Dhaka. It costs three Bangladeshi Taka to enter in ghat. A market that sells fruit, fast food, dry goods, children's toys, water and the anything the returning traveler cares to buy as a gift to the house has been built on the ghat. Buriganga River and ghats environment has become seriously polluted through unplanned industrialization and the drainage of non-filtered chemical by products into the water. Sadarghat has serious health issues to address. In front of Sadarghat is a wholesale cloth market, which is known as Sadarghat Market as well, and leads to some confusion. This ghat is open for 24 hours a day.