Sacrifices, Challenges, & Opportunities

The decision to come back home for a break was not a choice I made lightly. It was only in packing up to go home, that I realized how much I had to sacrifice in order to do this project. This video takes a slightly sadder tone to reflect the kind of feelings I had as I landed in Hong Kong on my way back home (this was before the Tour de Nerdfighting). If you would like to fund this project, which is just something I am doing as an individual, please check my donation page at: Unless you give me written permission, your donation will NOT be used for personal expenses, equipment, airfare, or anything like that. Since I dont use donations to pay for my living expenses (or to buy the airplane tickets I needed to fly home), I've completely emptied out my life savings doing this project. My parents were dipping into their own savings to help me do this project but with the downturn in the economy, they dont have much savings themselves anymore. The title for the video is a reference to some of the hurdles I had to face during this project. That includes the hospitalization of my mom (who originally came with me as a translator) due to Dengue Fever, the floods, the riots, the military curfew, the cyclone, the earthquake, the minor surgery I had, and now this recent problem I discovered about having iron poisoning/overload from drinking the metal-heavy water common in Bangladesh. The song used in this video is Nonsense by The Rest and is used under their Creative Commons BY-SA license. You can check those guys out at: This video is licensed under the Creative Commons. Please contact me for more details & info.