Rayer Bazaar

Rayer Bazaar City Corporation Market was built in 1965. It's a historical and traditional market in Dhaka City. This area is named Rayer Bazaar of the bazaar although the location has another name, Sultan Ganj, which is found on signboards, banners and festoons but Rayer Bazaar is the most popular name to the people. People from the Dhanmondi, Hazaribag and Sultan Ganj areas are the main customers of this bazaar. Once the bazaar was on the bank of the the Buriganga River but now the riverbanks have been illegally reclaimed for buildings. Although Buriganga River has diminished in size it remains a powerful force in the lives of the people living near its banks.The original beauty of Bangladesh can be found in a village on the opposite side of Buriganga River from the bazaar. All kinds of fresh vegetables, fishes and other things come Rayer Bazaar from this village, meaning the commodities of this bazaar are always fresh, tasty and in demand. There are 550 shops in the Bazaar. Vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, grocery items, stationary items and all kinds of daily needs are sold in this market. Beside these items, hardware, crockery, cosmetic, readymade garments, tailors, metallic products, gifts and many other necessary products are sold.A beautiful mosque was built in 1971 beside this bazaar. In addition many small restaurants, tea-stalls, pan-cigarette shops and hawkers are found in this area. Everyday this bazaar starts at 7:00 AM and closes at 9:00 PM. The Dhaka City Corporation has a plan to develop the site with a multistoried building. Bodhovum' (the killing place) is located here. During the independence struggle many Bangladeshi intellectuals were arrested and brought to this spot and executed. The Government has established a monument here to recognize the large number of Bengalis who sacrificed their lives for the nation.