Rampura Bazaar

Rampura is famous for housing the BTV (Bangladesh Television), the national broadcasting television's head office, which is a major landmark in Dhaka. Rampura has become an important business and residential area. Although the roadside areas are decorated with different shops Rampura is essentially a business center. Recently the main roads area behind the bazaar has become a highly desired residential area although the quality of infrastructure remains poor. A major issue is the lack of standard sanitation, particularly in front of the market. The Rampura Bazaar has many small roadside markets, which play an important role in local life. There are around one hundred vegetable, fish, meat and cooking product shops in the area and a large number of fruit shops on the road that runs parallel to the main road. These shops meet the immediate needs of the local residents. There are also many mobile vegetable and fish hawkers selling their products in the area. Like other general markets, Rampura Bazaar's opening time is 8:00 am and it closes at 9:00 pm, everyday of the week. This Bazaar is also called Municipality Bazaar as it is managed by the Dhaka Municipality Corporation.