Ram Sagor, Dinajpur

Ramsaga located in the village Tejpur in Dinajpur District, is the largest man made lake in Bangladesh It is situated about 8 kilometers south of the Dinajpur town. The lake is about 1,079 meters wide from North to South, and 192.6 meters long from East to West. It was created in the mid 1750s, funded by Raja Ram Nath, after whom the lake is named. The excavation cost 30,000 taka at that time, and about 1.5 million labourers took part in the project Name of the Lake : Ram shagor Excavated By : Raja Ram Mohon Duration of excavation : 1750-1755AD Length : 3399 feet Breadth : 998 feet Park Area : 68.54 Acres Area : 77.90 acres